List of Postal codes in North Bay, Ontario

Address and location information
Country: Canada
Province/State: ON (Ontario)
City/Town/Area: North Bay
Postal/Zip code list:

P1A1A9 P1A1B6 P1A1C4 P1A1G1 P1A1G3 P1A1G7 P1A1H7 P1A1H9 P1A1K2 P1A1M4 P1A1M5 P1A1P3 P1A1R1 P1A1R2 P1A1R3 P1A1S7 P1A1W1 P1A1W9 P1A1X3 P1A1X6 P1A1Y7 P1A1Z1 P1A1Z4 P1A1Z8 P1A2A1 P1A2A2 P1A2A6 P1A2B5 P1A2C5 P1A2C8 P1A2C9 P1A2E1 P1A2E7 P1A2G3 P1A2G7 P1A2H1 P1A2H3 P1A2H5 P1A2J1 P1A2J2 P1A2J3 P1A2J9 P1A2M4 P1A2M5 P1A2N5 P1A2N7 P1A2N8 P1A2R1 P1A2S5 P1A2S7 P1A2V5 P1A2V6 P1A2X7 P1A2Y5 P1A2Y6 P1A2Y7 P1A2Y8 P1A2Y9 P1A2Z1 P1A2Z2 P1A2Z8 P1A3B7 P1A3C4 P1A3E3 P1A3E5 P1A3E9 P1A3G1 P1A3G3 P1A3J7 P1A3K1 P1A3K2 P1A3L1 P1A3L2 P1A3L3 P1A3L8 P1A3M2 P1A3M4 P1A3M5 P1A3M6 P1A3N2 P1A3N6 P1A3N7 P1A3N9 P1A3P3 P1A3P5 P1A3P8 P1A3R1 P1A3R5 P1A3R6 P1A3R8 P1A3T6 P1A3T9 P1A3V2 P1A3V3 P1A3V4 P1A3V7 P1A3W6 P1A3X6 P1A3Y3 P1A3Y4 P1A3Y6 P1A3Z1 P1A4A3 P1A4C9 P1A4G3 P1A4G6 P1A4H1 P1A4H6 P1A4H7 P1A4J2 P1A4J3 P1A4J4 P1A4J5 P1A4J6 P1A4J7 P1A4J9 P1A4K1 P1A4K2 P1A4K5 P1A4L1 P1A4L9 P1A4M7 P1B0Y5 P1B1A1 P1B1A8 P1B1A9 P1B1B2 P1B1B6 P1B1B7 P1B1B8 P1B1E2 P1B1E4 P1B1E6 P1B1E9 P1B1G5 P1B1J1 P1B1J3 P1B1J6 P1B1J8 P1B1K2 P1B1K3 P1B1L2 P1B1N2 P1B1P1 P1B1P5 P1B1R1 P1B1R5 P1B1V9 P1B1X7 P1B1Y3 P1B1Y4 P1B1Y5 P1B2A4 P1B2C4 P1B2C6 P1B2E7 P1B2H2 P1B2H3 P1B2L3 P1B2L8 P1B2M2 P1B2M7 P1B2P9 P1B2S5 P1B2T6 P1B2T8 P1B2T9 P1B2V5 P1B2V8 P1B2Z7 P1B3B4 P1B3B6 P1B3B8 P1B3C2 P1B3C4 P1B3C5 P1B3E2 P1B3G1 P1B3G2 P1B3H1 P1B3H7 P1B3J6 P1B3J8 P1B3L6 P1B3N6 P1B3P1 P1B3R3 P1B3S1 P1B3V4 P1B3W2 P1B3W4 P1B3Y2 P1B4A8 P1B4B2 P1B4C5 P1B4J5 P1B4J9 P1B4L7 P1B4M2 P1B4M9 P1B4P9 P1B4R8 P1B4S7 P1B4T6 P1B4W5 P1B4X8 P1B5C6 P1B5C8 P1B5E6 P1B5E8 P1B5G1 P1B5G2 P1B5G5 P1B5H9 P1B5J3 P1B5K3 P1B5N9 P1B5R7 P1B5R9 P1B5S2 P1B5V9 P1B5W7 P1B5W8 P1B5X2 P1B5Y8 P1B6C7 P1B6C8 P1B6E5 P1B6E7 P1B6E9 P1B6G1 P1B6G4 P1B6H8 P1B6J8 P1B6K4 P1B6M3 P1B6N2 P1B6R5 P1B6T4 P1B6Y1 P1B6Y3 P1B6Y8 P1B6Z9 P1B7A5 P1B7B2 P1B7E2 P1B7E4 P1B7G1 P1B7G3 P1B7G7 P1B7G9 P1B7H9 P1B7J2 P1B7J9 P1B7M1 P1B7M7 P1B7P3 P1B7P4 P1B7P6 P1B7P7 P1B7P8 P1B7R3 P1B7R6 P1B7S4 P1B7T8 P1B7T9 P1B7V1 P1B7W3 P1B7X3 P1B7X7 P1B7X8 P1B7Y6 P1B7Z6 P1B8A1 P1B8B2 P1B8C2 P1B8C6 P1B8E5 P1B8E6 P1B8G1 P1B8G2 P1B8G3 P1B8G4 P1B8G5 P1B8H2 P1B8J5 P1B8J8 P1B8K9 P1B8L3 P1B8L7 P1B8M4 P1B8M7 P1B8N1 P1B8N5 P1B8N9 P1B8P4 P1B8R7 P1B8R8 P1B8R9 P1B8S2 P1B8T8 P1B8T9 P1B8V2 P1B8W1 P1B8X1 P1B8X3 P1B8Y4 P1B8Y7 P1B8Y8 P1B8Z3 P1B8Z4 P1B9A6 P1B9C6 P1B9C7 P1B9E5 P1B9G2 P1B9G5 P1B9G8 P1B9K1 P1B9K3 P1B9L2 P1B9L3 P1B9L4 P1B9L6 P1B9L7 P1B9L8 P1B9L9 P1B9M1 P1B9M5 P1B9N4 P1B9N7 P1B9P2 P1B9P9 P1B9R1 P1B9R5 P1B9R6 P1B9R9 P1B9T4 P1B9V2 P1B9V5 P1B9V7 P1C1A5 P1C1C2 P1C1E6 P1C1E7 P1C1G3 P1C1G6 P1C1H8 P1C1J1 P1C1J2 P1C1J8 P1C1K7 P1C1K9 P1C1L1 P1C1L2 P1C1L7 P1C1L9 P1C1M1 P1C1M5 P0H1H0 P0H1K0 P0H1L0 P0H1M0 P0H1N0 P0H1P0 P0H1V0 P0H1Y0 P0H1Z0 P0H2A0 P0H2C0 P0H2E0 P0H2L0 P0H2M0 P0H2N0 P0H3T0 P0J1B0 P0J1C0 P0J1E0 P0J1G0 P0J1H0 P0J1J0 P0J1K0 P0J1M0 P0J1N0 P0J1P0 P0J1R0 P0K1E0 P0K1G0 P0K1K0 P0K1L0 P0K1M0 P0K1N0 P0K1P0 P0K1R0 P0K1T0
Downtown North Bay
Downtown North BayPanoramio photo by: leon_vienna
Lake Nipissing at North Bay, October 2007
Lake Nipissing at North Bay, October 2007Panoramio photo by: FGuertin
Voodoo AĆ©roport North Bay
Voodoo  Aéroport North BayPanoramio photo by: maxime chevalier
Canadian Orchid
Canadian Orchid Panoramio photo by: leon_vienna
Ontario Northland Railway
Ontario Northland RailwayPanoramio photo by: Persimmon
Lac Nipissing au bout de l'avenue McMurray
Lac Nipissing au bout de l'avenue McMurrayPanoramio photo by: Bog
Circle Lake, North Bay, Ontario
Circle Lake, North Bay, OntarioPanoramio photo by: sconnell
Highway 11 north
Highway 11 northPanoramio photo by: Persimmon
North Bay, ON
North Bay, ONPanoramio photo by: mohrhd
Cassells St., North Bay
Cassells St., North BayPanoramio photo by: LakeNipissing
Wind Storm Victim
Wind Storm VictimPanoramio photo by: dezza2001
McKeown Avenue
McKeown AvenuePanoramio photo by: Igor Malko
leaf...Panoramio photo by: WanderingBlackBear
Statue Panoramio photo by: sully8
Days gone by
Days gone byPanoramio photo by: johnnieq
Lake Nipissing
Lake NipissingPanoramio photo by: venn254
Olmsted Beach NightFog
Olmsted Beach NightFog Panoramio photo by: Tim Price
North Bay Lake Nipissing
North Bay Lake NipissingPanoramio photo by: cacamole
The Bull and Quench. John St at McIntyre
The Bull and Quench.  John St at McIntyrePanoramio photo by: Joe Nimens
John XXIII Elementary School
John XXIII Elementary SchoolPanoramio photo by: willowdalian
Madelina Drive Townhouses
Madelina Drive TownhousesPanoramio photo by: willowdalian
'The Cove' on Trout Lake - looking northeast
'The Cove' on Trout Lake - looking northeastPanoramio photo by: LakeNipissing
Fishing on Lake Nipissing, near North Bay
Fishing on Lake Nipissing, near North BayPanoramio photo by: LakeNipissing
Lake Nipissing, Oct. 2007
Lake Nipissing, Oct. 2007Panoramio photo by: FGuertin
Government Docks, Lake Nipissing
Government Docks, Lake NipissingPanoramio photo by: Phill McGinn
"Indian Pipe" - ...
"Indian Pipe" - ...Panoramio photo by: leon_vienna
NORTH BAY - boardwalk in the fall
NORTH BAY - boardwalk in the fallPanoramio photo by: stabins
North Bay, Lake Nipissing
North Bay, Lake NipissingPanoramio photo by: Rumiana Koynova-Tenchova
NORTH BAY - Old Chief Commanda beached
NORTH BAY - Old Chief Commanda beachedPanoramio photo by: stabins
North Bay
North BayPanoramio photo by: Persimmon
Main & Wyld, downtown North Bay - looking north
Main & Wyld, downtown North Bay - looking northPanoramio photo by: LakeNipissing
Low flying military jet , Avro CF-100 Canuck Mk.V
Low flying military jet  ,   Avro CF-100 Canuck  Mk.V    Panoramio photo by: heretoday
North Bay Miniature Train
North Bay Miniature TrainPanoramio photo by: cacamole
North Bay City Hall
North Bay City HallPanoramio photo by: cacamole
Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption
Pro-Cathedral of the AssumptionPanoramio photo by: Igor Malko
Heritage Carousel in North Bay, Canada
Heritage Carousel in North Bay, CanadaPanoramio photo by: Joseph Hollick
Our House
Our HousePanoramio photo by: cacamole
Marathon beach, North Bay Waterfront - Lake Nipissing
Marathon beach, North Bay Waterfront - Lake NipissingPanoramio photo by: LakeNipissing