List of Postal codes in Cornwall, Ontario

Address and location information
Country: Canada
Province/State: ON (Ontario)
City/Town/Area: Cornwall
Postal/Zip code list:

K6H1A4 K6H1B7 K6H1C5 K6H1G7 K6H1G8 K6H1H3 K6H1H6 K6H1K1 K6H1L2 K6H1M3 K6H1M5 K6H1N4 K6H1P5 K6H1V9 K6H1W2 K6H1Y6 K6H1Z3 K6H1Z4 K6H1Z9 K6H2A4 K6H2C6 K6H2C8 K6H2E2 K6H2E3 K6H2E5 K6H2G2 K6H2G6 K6H2H1 K6H2H5 K6H2H7 K6H2K3 K6H2K4 K6H2K6 K6H2L1 K6H2L4 K6H2M5 K6H2M9 K6H2N1 K6H2R7 K6H2S2 K6H2S6 K6H2T1 K6H2T2 K6H2T3 K6H2V4 K6H2W6 K6H2Z3 K6H3B4 K6H3C1 K6H3C4 K6H3E9 K6H3G1 K6H3H6 K6H3K2 K6H3L1 K6H3M5 K6H3M7 K6H3N6 K6H3P2 K6H3R2 K6H3R6 K6H3R8 K6H3R9 K6H3V5 K6H3V7 K6H3V9 K6H3X4 K6H3X8 K6H3Y1 K6H4A4 K6H4A6 K6H4C6 K6H4C8 K6H4E2 K6H4G4 K6H4G6 K6H4H4 K6H4H7 K6H4H8 K6H4L7 K6H4L9 K6H4N2 K6H4P3 K6H4P8 K6H4R1 K6H4R4 K6H4R7 K6H4S3 K6H4S5 K6H4V3 K6H4V8 K6H4W3 K6H4X2 K6H4Y2 K6H4Z3 K6H4Z7 K6H5A5 K6H5B4 K6H5B6 K6H5B8 K6H5C5 K6H5E1 K6H5E4 K6H5G8 K6H5H3 K6H5H4 K6H5H9 K6H5J7 K6H5J8 K6H5J9 K6H5K7 K6H5L5 K6H5M6 K6H5M7 K6H5M9 K6H5N3 K6H5N4 K6H5R1 K6H5R5 K6H5R6 K6H5R7 K6H5R9 K6H5S5 K6H5S7 K6H5T2 K6H5T5 K6H5V1 K6H5W7 K6H5W8 K6H5Y8 K6H5Z5 K6H5Z6 K6H6B2 K6H6E6 K6H6E7 K6H6G3 K6H6H1 K6H6H2 K6H6H8 K6H6J2 K6H6M3 K6H6M4 K6H6M9 K6H6N5 K6H6P4 K6H6P8 K6H6S3 K6H6S6 K6H6T2 K6H6V5 K6H6V8 K6H6V9 K6H6W3 K6H6W4 K6H6W8 K6H6Y2 K6H6Y9 K6H6Z6 K6H6Z9 K6H7A1 K6H7A7 K6H7A8 K6H7B4 K6H7C5 K6H7C6 K6H7C7 K6H7E1 K6H7E3 K6H7E4 K6H7E6 K6H7E7 K6H7G1 K6H7G3 K6H7G6 K6H7H4 K6H7H5 K6H7H9 K6H7J1 K6H7J3 K6H7J4 K6H7K1 K6H7K5 K6H7L4 K6H7L6 K6H7L7 K6H7M1 K6H7M5 K6H7N4 K6H7N7 K6J1B6 K6J1C5 K6J1E3 K6J1E4 K6J1E8 K6J1G7 K6J1J1 K6J1J2 K6J1J3 K6J1J4 K6J1K6 K6J1L7 K6J1R2 K6J1S4 K6J1X8 K6J1Y3 K6J1Y4 K6J1Y6 K6J1Y7 K6J1Z3 K6J1Z4 K6J2C4 K6J2E2 K6J2E5 K6J2L9 K6J2P3 K6J2P4 K6J2P7 K6J2P9 K6J2R8 K6J2R9 K6J2S8 K6J2S9 K6J2V5 K6J2V6 K6J2V8 K6J2X2 K6J2X4 K6J2Y3 K6J2Y5 K6J3B2 K6J3B5 K6J3C4 K6J3E5 K6J3J5 K6J3J8 K6J3L1 K6J3L4 K6J3L8 K6J3M5 K6J3M7 K6J3M8 K6J3N1 K6J3N4 K6J3P7 K6J3S4 K6J3W5 K6J3X3 K6J3Y3 K6J3Z8 K6J4A2 K6J4G7 K6J4H4 K6J4J2 K6J4K1 K6J4K8 K6J4N1 K6J4R6 K6J4S1 K6J4W2 K6J4W4 K6J4X1 K6J4X2 K6J4X3 K6J4Y1 K6J4Y7 K6J4Y8 K6J4Z1 K6J4Z3 K6J4Z9 K6J5A8 K6J5C5 K6J5E8 K6J5G4 K6J5G6 K6J5G7 K6J5H2 K6J5H9 K6J5J5 K6J5J9 K6J5L2 K6J5M8 K6J5N5 K6J5N7 K6J5R7 K6J5S7 K6J5S9 K6J5V1 K6J5V2 K6J5V5 K6J5V6 K6J5W1 K6J5W2 K6J5X6 K6J8J7 K6K1A2 K6K1A4 K6K1C3 K6K1E7 K6K1G7 K6K1G9 K6K1H3 K6K1H5 K6K1H6 K6K1H9 K6K1J9 K6K1K1 K6K1K2 K6K1K8 K6K1L3 K6K1L9 K6K1M6 K6K1P3 K6K1P5 K6K1S2 K6K1V7 K0C1A0 K0C1G0 K0C1H0 K0C1K0 K0C1M0 K0C1N0 K0C1N2 K0C1P0 K0C1R0 K0C1T0 K0C1X0 K0C1Z0 K0C2A0 K0C2B0 K0C2C0 K0C2K0 K0C2L0
L'automne est là! / Irruento autunno
L'automne est là!  / Irruento autunno Panoramio photo by: Syl de Canada
Cornwall, Ontario (Canada) c
Cornwall, Ontario (Canada) cPanoramio photo by: americatramp
French Onion Soup
French Onion SoupPanoramio photo by: sacoo
Plow on Brookdale
Plow on BrookdalePanoramio photo by: sacoo
Tim Horton's Cornwall
Tim Horton's CornwallPanoramio photo by: sacoo
cinéma, cornwall
cinéma, cornwallPanoramio photo by: Francois Ethier
North Bridge
North BridgePanoramio photo by: lucky67
Sunrise Over St. Lawrence River
Sunrise Over St. Lawrence RiverPanoramio photo by: lucky67
Closed Border Post on Cornwall Island
Closed Border Post on Cornwall IslandPanoramio photo by: pegase1972
Ici c'est Pepsi
Ici c'est PepsiPanoramio photo by: sacoo
Cornwall Cattle
Cornwall CattlePanoramio photo by: lucky67
Cornwall Communtiy Hosptial
Cornwall Communtiy HosptialPanoramio photo by: habsrule14
Cornwall Public Library
Cornwall Public LibraryPanoramio photo by: habsrule14
Uptown Girls Diner
Uptown Girls DinerPanoramio photo by: Carlton2000
St. Joe's Graduation/08
St. Joe's Graduation/08Panoramio photo by: BoSox
Seaway International Bridge - View from Cornwall St. Laurence Collage
Seaway International Bridge - View from Cornwall St. Laurence CollagePanoramio photo by: drazzen.k
Cornwall Marina, Cornwall, Ontario
Cornwall Marina, Cornwall, OntarioPanoramio photo by: mary ann/cadieux
St. Columbins church
St. Columbins churchPanoramio photo by: whatfie
Old lock in Cornwall
Old lock in CornwallPanoramio photo by: stefatc
Kinsmen lift-off 2
Kinsmen lift-off 2Panoramio photo by: gordyb
R.C.A.F Association
R.C.A.F AssociationPanoramio photo by: Keith Watson
Exiting Cornwall Island
Exiting Cornwall IslandPanoramio photo by: sacoo
Snowy St. Lawrence
Snowy St. LawrencePanoramio photo by: sacoo
South Bridge and Canadian Customs
South Bridge and Canadian CustomsPanoramio photo by: lucky67
Flags of Canada
Flags of CanadaPanoramio photo by: lucky67
S.I.B.C.Panoramio photo by: lucky67
Canada/USA, Saint Lawrence Seaway: Cornwall South Channel Bridge
Canada/USA, Saint Lawrence Seaway: Cornwall South Channel BridgePanoramio photo by: Klaus Rommel
Cornwall Clock Tower
Cornwall Clock Tower Panoramio photo by: Keith Watson
pont de cornwall
pont de cornwall Panoramio photo by: Francois Ethier
International bridge from Cornwall to USA
International bridge from Cornwall to USAPanoramio photo by: pegase1972
Closed for the Season
Closed for the SeasonPanoramio photo by: sacoo
Seaway International Bridge taken from Cornwall Island
Seaway International Bridge taken from Cornwall IslandPanoramio photo by: Durwood
Seaway International Bridge
Seaway International BridgePanoramio photo by: Randy Zuk
Cocathédral de la Nativité de la Bienheureuse Vierge Marie in Cornwall
Cocathédral de la Nativité de la Bienheureuse Vierge Marie in CornwallPanoramio photo by: pegase1972
Kinsmen lift-off 3
Kinsmen lift-off 3Panoramio photo by: gordyb
Cornwall Community Hospital-6th floor window
Cornwall Community Hospital-6th floor windowPanoramio photo by: thefreakboy
marinaPanoramio photo by: Tichý Boris
Eden Project
Eden ProjectPanoramio photo by: paddyjoh
ParkPanoramio photo by: Tichý Boris