List of Postal codes in Barrie, Ontario

Address and location information
Country: Canada
Province/State: ON (Ontario)
City/Town/Area: Barrie
Postal/Zip code list:

L4M0A1 L4M0A2 L4M0A6 L4M0B9 L4M0C3 L4M0G6 L4M1A1 L4M1B3 L4M1C6 L4M1C8 L4M1E1 L4M1E5 L4M1E7 L4M1G2 L4M1H2 L4M1H6 L4M1J4 L4M1J7 L4M1K4 L4M1K7 L4M1K8 L4M1L1 L4M1L3 L4M1P6 L4M1R1 L4M1R3 L4M1R5 L4M1R9 L4M1S1 L4M1S9 L4M1T8 L4M1T9 L4M1V3 L4M1V5 L4M1V6 L4M1V9 L4M1W4 L4M1W5 L4M1Y4 L4M1Y9 L4M1Z1 L4M1Z3 L4M1Z5 L4M2A2 L4M2A7 L4M2B1 L4M2B8 L4M2C5 L4M2E2 L4M2E8 L4M2G2 L4M2G6 L4M2K3 L4M2L4 L4M2L6 L4M2L9 L4M2M3 L4M2M6 L4M2N5 L4M2N7 L4M2N8 L4M2P1 L4M2P6 L4M2P7 L4M2P9 L4M2R1 L4M2R2 L4M2R3 L4M2R5 L4M2R9 L4M2S1 L4M2S3 L4M2S8 L4M2T1 L4M2T6 L4M2U2 L4M2V3 L4M2V5 L4M2V6 L4M2W4 L4M2W5 L4M2W9 L4M2X1 L4M2X2 L4M2X3 L4M2X4 L4M2Y4 L4M2Y6 L4M2Y7 L4M2Z3 L4M2Z4 L4M2Z7 L4M2Z9 L4M3A5 L4M3B3 L4M3B4 L4M3B8 L4M3C1 L4M3C9 L4M3G1 L4M3G4 L4M3H1 L4M3H4 L4M3H5 L4M3H7 L4M3H8 L4M3H9 L4M3J4 L4M3J9 L4M3K1 L4M3K9 L4M3L1 L4M3N2 L4M3N4 L4M3N6 L4M3N8 L4M3R3 L4M3R8 L4M3R9 L4M3S4 L4M3V9 L4M3X1 L4M3X9 L4M3Y4 L4M4A1 L4M4A5 L4M4A7 L4M4E2 L4M4G5 L4M4H2 L4M4H4 L4M4H5 L4M4H7 L4M4K9 L4M4L7 L4M4M5 L4M4M9 L4M4N4 L4M4P7 L4M4R3 L4M4S4 L4M4S5 L4M4S7 L4M4T5 L4M4V1 L4M4V3 L4M4X1 L4M4X6 L4M4Y1 L4M4Y2 L4M4Y3 L4M4Y4 L4M4Y6 L4M4Y8 L4M4Z9 L4M5A7 L4M5B3 L4M5B5 L4M5B6 L4M5C1 L4M5C3 L4M5C4 L4M5C8 L4M5E5 L4M5E6 L4M5E8 L4M5G1 L4M5G6 L4M5G7 L4M5G8 L4M5H5 L4M5H8 L4M5J2 L4M5J3 L4M5J4 L4M5J5 L4M5J6 L4M5K1 L4M5K4 L4M5K5 L4M5K8 L4M5L1 L4M5L6 L4M5L9 L4M5M2 L4M5N8 L4M5P6 L4M5P8 L4M5R2 L4M5S1 L4M5S5 L4M5S8 L4M5T1 L4M5T2 L4M5T3 L4M5T4 L4M5T7 L4M5T9 L4M5V2 L4M5V7 L4M5V9 L4M5W1 L4M5W2 L4M5W3 L4M5W9 L4M5X7 L4M5X8 L4M5Y3 L4M5Y4 L4M5Y5 L4M5Y7 L4M5Y8 L4M5Z1 L4M5Z4 L4M5Z5 L4M5Z6 L4M5Z8 L4M6A4 L4M6A7 L4M6A9 L4M6B1 L4M6B2 L4M6B4 L4M6C5 L4M6C6 L4M6C7 L4M6C8 L4M6C9 L4M6E1 L4M6E2 L4M6E3 L4M6E8 L4M6E9 L4M6G1 L4M6G2 L4M6G4 L4M6G5 L4M6G6 L4M6G7 L4M6G8 L4M6G9 L4M6H1 L4M6H4 L4M6H5 L4M6H6 L4M6H9 L4M6J1 L4M6J2 L4M6J3 L4M6J4 L4M6J7 L4M6J8 L4M6K4 L4M6K9 L4M6L9 L4M6M1 L4M6M5 L4M6M6 L4M6M7 L4M6M8 L4M6M9 L4M6N5 L4M6N6 L4M6N7 L4M6N9 L4M6P1 L4M6P2 L4M6P3 L4M6P4 L4M6P5 L4M6P6 L4M6P7 L4M6P9 L4M6R3 L4M6R6 L4M6R7 L4M6R8 L4M6S1 L4M6S2 L4M6S3 L4M6S4 L4M6S5 L4M6S6 L4M6S8 L4M6T1 L4M6T2 L4M6T3 L4M6T4 L4M6T5 L4M6T8 L4M6V2 L4M6V3 L4M6V4 L4M6V5 L4M6V6 L4M6V7 L4M6W2 L4M6W3 L4M6W6 L4M6X1 L4M6X2 L4M6X3 L4M6X4 L4M6X5 L4M6X6 L4M6X7 L4M6Y1 L4M6Y3 L4M6Y4 L4M6Y5 L4M6Y6 L4M6Y7 L4M6Y8 L4M6Y9 L4M6Z1 L4M6Z2 L4M6Z3 L4M6Z5 L4M6Z7 L4M6Z8 L4M6Z9 L4M7A3 L4M7A4 L4M7A5 L4M7A6 L4M7A7 L4M7B1 L4M7B2 L4M7B3 L4M7B6 L4M7B9 L4M7C1 L4M7C8 L4M7E3 L4M7E5 L4M7G3 L4M7G5 L4M7G6 L4M7H3 L4M7H5 L4M7H6 L4M7H7 L4M7J4 L4M7J5 L4M7J6 L4M7K1 L4M7K2 L4M7K4 L4M7K5 L4M7P9 L4M8B5 L4N0A1 L4N0A2 L4N0A3 L4N0A4 L4N0A7 L4N0A8 L4N0B1 L4N0B2 L4N0B3 L4N0C2 L4N0C4 L4N0C5 L4N0C6 L4N0C7 L4N0C8 L4N0C9 L4N0E1 L4N0E2 L4N0E3 L4N0E4 L4N0E5 L4N0E6 L4N0E7 L4N0G1 L4N0G3 L4N0G6 L4N0G7 L4N0H1 L4N0H5 L4N0H8 L4N0H9 L4N0J1 L4N0J3 L4N0J4 L4N0J6 L4N0J7 L4N0J9 L4N0K1 L4N0K2 L4N0K3 L4N0K5 L4N0K6 L4N0K7 L4N0K8 L4N0L2 L4N0L5 L4N0L6 L4N0L7 L4N0L8 L4N0M8 L4N0M9 L4N0N2 L4N0N3 L4N0N4 L4N0N5 L4N0N6 L4N0N7 L4N0N9 L4N0P1 L4N0P3 L4N0P4 L4N0P5 L4N0P6 L4N0P7 L4N0P8 L4N0P9 L4N0R1 L4N0R2 L4N0R4 L4N0R5 L4N0S1 L4N0S3 L4N0S4 L4N0S5 L4N0S6 L4N0S7 L4N0S8 L4N0S9 L4N0T3 L4N0T4 L4N0T6 L4N0T7 L4N0T9 L4N0V1 L4N0V2 L4N0V3 L4N0V5 L4N0V6 L4N0V7 L4N0V8 L4N0V9 L4N0W1 L4N0W3 L4N0W4 L4N0W7 L4N0W8 L4N0W9 L4N0X1 L4N0X2 L4N0X3 L4N0X4 L4N0X5 L4N0X7 L4N0X8 L4N0Y1 L4N0Y2 L4N0Y5 L4N0Y6 L4N0Y7 L4N0Y8 L4N0Y9 L4N0Z1 L4N0Z7 L4N0Z8 L4N1A6 L4N1B5 L4N1B8 L4N1C8 L4N1E3 L4N1E7 L4N1G6 L4N1H5 L4N1H7 L4N1K9 L4N1L5 L4N1L6 L4N1L9 L4N1M3 L4N1M8 L4N1M9 L4N1N4 L4N1P1 L4N1P4 L4N1R4 L4N1R9 L4N1S5 L4N1S7 L4N1T1 L4N1T2 L4N1T7 L4N1T8 L4N1W9 L4N1X6 L4N1Y4 L4N2A6 L4N2A9 L4N2B1 L4N2B6 L4N2B8 L4N2C7 L4N2E4 L4N2H3 L4N2L2 L4N2L4 L4N2L7 L4N2L9 L4N2M6 L4N2M8 L4N2M9 L4N2P2 L4N2R3 L4N2R6 L4N2R8 L4N2R9 L4N2S2 L4N2T2 L4N2T8 L4N2T9 L4N2V2 L4N2V4 L4N2V5 L4N2W2 L4N2W5 L4N2X1 L4N2X3 L4N2X7 L4N2X8 L4N2Z2 L4N2Z6 L4N3A4 L4N3A5 L4N3A6 L4N3B2 L4N3B5 L4N3B6 L4N3E5 L4N3G7 L4N3G8 L4N3H1 L4N3H6 L4N3J6 L4N3J9 L4N3K2 L4N3K8 L4N3L4 L4N3L5 L4N3M6 L4N3M8 L4N3M9 L4N3P1 L4N3P2 L4N3P3 L4N3P4 L4N3P6 L4N3P7 L4N3P9 L4N3R1 L4N3R4 L4N3S6 L4N3T1 L4N3T5 L4N3T8 L4N3V2 L4N3V7 L4N3V8 L4N3W1 L4N3X9 L4N3Y9 L4N3Z4 L4N4A3 L4N4A6 L4N4B9 L4N4C3 L4N4C8 L4N4G2 L4N4H4 L4N4H8 L4N4J1 L4N4J3 L4N4J7 L4N4J9 L4N4K3 L4N4K7 L4N4L4 L4N4L6 L4N4L7 L4N4M2 L4N4N4 L4N4P1 L4N4P5 L4N4P7 L4N4P8 L4N4R2 L4N4R5 L4N4R8 L4N4R9 L4N4S4 L4N4S5 L4N4S6 L4N4S7 L4N4S9 L4N4T1 L4N4T3 L4N4T7 L4N4T8 L4N4V2 L4N4V3 L4N4W2 L4N4W3 L4N4W6 L4N4W7 L4N4W8 L4N4W9 L4N4X1 L4N4X6 L4N4Y1 L4N4Y3 L4N4Y5 L4N4Y6 L4N4Y8 L4N4Z2 L4N4Z3 L4N4Z4 L4N4Z5 L4N5A1 L4N5A2 L4N5A3 L4N5A4 L4N5A5 L4N5B1 L4N5B3 L4N5B4 L4N5C1 L4N5C2 L4N5C5 L4N5E3 L4N5E5 L4N5E6 L4N5E8 L4N5G1 L4N5G2 L4N5G8 L4N5G9 L4N5H1 L4N5H6 L4N5H7 L4N5J5 L4N5J6 L4N5J7 L4N5J8 L4N5K3 L4N5L5 L4N5L7 L4N5L8 L4N5M1 L4N5M3 L4N5M5 L4N5N4 L4N5N6 L4N5N8 L4N5R1 L4N5R2 L4N5R3 L4N5R5 L4N5R9 L4N5S4 L4N5S5 L4N5S7 L4N5S8 L4N5S9 L4N5T1 L4N5T2 L4N5T7 L4N5T8 L4N5V1 L4N5V2 L4N5V3 L4N5V5 L4N5W2 L4N5W4 L4N5W8 L4N5X2 L4N5X6 L4N5Y1 L4N5Y2 L4N5Y5 L4N5Y8 L4N5Y9 L4N5Z1 L4N5Z6 L4N5Z7 L4N6A6 L4N6A7 L4N6A8 L4N6B1 L4N6B6 L4N6C9 L4N6E3 L4N6E6 L4N6G3 L4N6G6 L4N6H4 L4N6H5 L4N6J2 L4N6J3 L4N6J4 L4N6J6 L4N6J7 L4N6K2 L4N6K4 L4N6K5 L4N6K8 L4N6L3 L4N6L7 L4N6M1 L4N6M4 L4N6M5 L4N6M6 L4N6M9 L4N6N3 L4N6N6 L4N6N7 L4N6N8 L4N6P2 L4N6P6 L4N6R2 L4N6R3 L4N6S4 L4N6S7 L4N6S8 L4N6T1 L4N6T3 L4N6T6 L4N6T7 L4N6T8 L4N6T9 L4N6V3 L4N6V4 L4N6V5 L4N6V6 L4N6W1 L4N6W3 L4N6W4 L4N6W5 L4N6W6 L4N6W7 L4N6W8 L4N6W9 L4N6X1 L4N6X4 L4N6X7 L4N6X8 L4N6X9 L4N6Y1 L4N6Y2 L4N6Y3 L4N6Y5 L4N6Y6 L4N6Y7 L4N6Y8 L4N6Z1 L4N6Z4 L4N6Z5 L4N6Z6 L4N6Z7 L4N6Z8 L4N6Z9 L4N7A3 L4N7A4 L4N7A5 L4N7A6 L4N7A7 L4N7A8 L4N7A9 L4N7B1 L4N7B2 L4N7B3 L4N7B4 L4N7B5 L4N7B6 L4N7B8 L4N7C1 L4N7C2 L4N7C3 L4N7C6 L4N7C7 L4N7C9 L4N7E1 L4N7E2 L4N7E4 L4N7E5 L4N7E8 L4N7E9 L4N7G2 L4N7G3 L4N7G5 L4N7G6 L4N7G7 L4N7G8 L4N7H1 L4N7H3 L4N7H5 L4N7H8 L4N7H9 L4N7J2 L4N7J3 L4N7J4 L4N7J5 L4N7J7 L4N7K2 L4N7K5 L4N7K7 L4N7K8 L4N7L1 L4N7L5 L4N7L7 L4N7L8 L4N7M3 L4N7M4 L4N7M5 L4N7M7 L4N7N1 L4N7N2 L4N7N5 L4N7N6 L4N7N7 L4N7N8 L4N7N9 L4N7P2 L4N7P4 L4N7P8 L4N7R6 L4N7R9 L4N7S1 L4N7S2 L4N7S4 L4N7S5 L4N7S8 L4N7S9 L4N7T1 L4N7T6 L4N7T7 L4N7T8 L4N7V1 L4N7V3 L4N7V5 L4N7V8 L4N7V9 L4N7W1 L4N7W7 L4N7X1 L4N7X7 L4N7X8 L4N7X9 L4N7Y2 L4N7Y4 L4N7Y7 L4N7Y9 L4N7Z1 L4N7Z2 L4N7Z4 L4N7Z5 L4N7Z6 L4N7Z7 L4N7Z8 L4N8A1 L4N8A3 L4N8A4 L4N8A5 L4N8A6 L4N8A9 L4N8B2 L4N8B3 L4N8B4 L4N8B5 L4N8B7 L4N8B8 L4N8B9 L4N8C1 L4N8C4 L4N8C5 L4N8C6 L4N8C7 L4N8C8 L4N8E1 L4N8E2 L4N8E6 L4N8E7 L4N8E8 L4N8G1 L4N8G4 L4N8G6 L4N8G7 L4N8G8 L4N8G9 L4N8H1 L4N8H3 L4N8H4 L4N8H5 L4N8H9 L4N8J3 L4N8J4 L4N8J8 L4N8J9 L4N8K1 L4N8K3 L4N8K5 L4N8K6 L4N8K7 L4N8K9 L4N8L1 L4N8L2 L4N8L3 L4N8L4 L4N8L5 L4N8L6 L4N8L7 L4N8M2 L4N8M4 L4N8M6 L4N8M7 L4N8M9 L4N8N3 L4N8N6 L4N8N7 L4N8N8 L4N8N9 L4N8P1 L4N8P2 L4N8P3 L4N8P4 L4N8P6 L4N8P7 L4N8P8 L4N8R1 L4N8R2 L4N8R3 L4N8R4 L4N8R6 L4N8R7 L4N8R8 L4N8R9 L4N8S1 L4N8S2 L4N8S3 L4N8S5 L4N8S7 L4N8S8 L4N8S9 L4N8T1 L4N8T3 L4N8T4 L4N8T6 L4N8T7 L4N8T8 L4N8T9 L4N8V1 L4N8V2 L4N8V4 L4N8V5 L4N8V6 L4N8V7 L4N8W1 L4N8W2 L4N8W3 L4N8W4 L4N8W5 L4N8W6 L4N8W7 L4N8W8 L4N8X3 L4N8X4 L4N8X5 L4N8X6 L4N8Y3 L4N8Z5 L4N8Z6 L4N9A2 L4N9A4 L4N9A7 L4N9A8 L4N9B9 L4N9G6 L4N9J3 L4N9J8 L4N9K2 L4N9K4 L4N9K6 L4N9K7 L4N9K9 L4N9L1 L4N9L2 L4N9L3 L4N9L7 L4N9L8 L4N9M1 L4N9M3 L4N9M4 L4N9M6 L4N9M7 L4N9M8 L4N9M9 L4N9N1 L4N9N2 L4N9N3 L4N9N4 L4N9N8 L4N9N9 L4N9P1 L4N9P3 L4N9P6 L4N9P9 L4N9R2 L4N9R3 L4N9R4 L4N9R5 L4N9R8 L4N9S1 L4N9S2 L4N9S3 L4N9S4 L4N9S5 L4N9S6 L4N9S7 L4N9S8 L4N9S9 L4N9T1 L4N9T4 L4N9T5 L4N9T6 L4N9V1 L4N9V4 L4N9W7 L4N9W9 L4N9X2 L4N9X3 L4N9X4 L4N9X5 L4N9Y2 L4N9Y3 L4N9Y6 L4N9Y7 L4N9Y8 L4N9Z1 L4N9Z2 L4N9Z5 L4N9Z6 L4N9Z7 L4N9Z8 L0L1K0 L0L1P0 L0L1T0 L0L1W0 L0L1X0 L0L1X1 L0L2L0 L0L2X0 L0M1B0 L0M1B1 L0M1B2 L0M1B3 L0M1B4 L0M1C0 L0M1G0 L0M1J0 L0M1S0 L0M1E0 L0M1H0 L0M1K0 L0M1L0 L0M1M0
El Peine de los Vientos canadiense / Alentzat
El Peine de los Vientos canadiense / AlentzatPanoramio photo by: Syl de Canada
Barrie Grand Prix
Barrie Grand PrixPanoramio photo by: abroomhe
Club C'est La Vie, GLCT
Club C'est La Vie, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
sunrisePanoramio photo by: julianna szula
Maclaren Art Centre, GLCT
Maclaren Art Centre, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
paraskiingPanoramio photo by: jeffer1971
CANADA, ONTARIO - Little Lake near Barrie
CANADA, ONTARIO - Little Lake near BarriePanoramio photo by: Maro Vinci
...and then take Yonge Street and follow it for 80 km to downtown Toronto...
...and then take Yonge Street and follow it for 80 km to downtown Toronto...Panoramio photo by: kh21
PICT0059Panoramio photo by: luidamas
red sky
red skyPanoramio photo by: thueger
Big Pay Point Road
Big Pay Point RoadPanoramio photo by: tristananderson
Kempenfelt Village, 362 Shanty Bay Road, Barrie, ON
Kempenfelt Village, 362 Shanty Bay Road, Barrie, ONPanoramio photo by: gromundt
old Royal Victoria hospital-Barrie Ontario-Canada
old Royal Victoria hospital-Barrie Ontario-CanadaPanoramio photo by: Shane Gibson
Centennial Beach, Barrie, ON
Centennial Beach, Barrie, ONPanoramio photo by: sauderda
Barrie Arboretum
Barrie ArboretumPanoramio photo by: sean4360
Lake View
Lake ViewPanoramio photo by: clepage
Sundown in Barrie
Sundown in BarriePanoramio photo by: mannybausw
the GibZone--Barrie Ontario, Canada
the GibZone--Barrie Ontario, CanadaPanoramio photo by: Shane Gibson
Highway 400, Barrie
Highway 400, BarriePanoramio photo by: tristananderson
Barrie Spirit Catcher
Barrie Spirit CatcherPanoramio photo by: miguel13
mirada sobre una discusiĆ³n
mirada sobre una discusión Panoramio photo by: Syl de Canada
Grey & Simcoe Foresters Regimental Museum, GLCT
Grey & Simcoe Foresters Regimental Museum, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
'Spirit Catcher', GLCT
'Spirit Catcher', GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
Barrie Farmers' Market/City Hall, GLCT
Barrie Farmers' Market/City Hall, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
Georgian College Georgian Theatre, GLCT
Georgian College Georgian Theatre, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
Georgian College, GLCT
Georgian College, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
Barrie Downtown
Barrie DowntownPanoramio photo by: sherrybrandy
Serendipity Princess Boat Cruises, GLCT
Serendipity Princess Boat Cruises, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
Boardwalk Gaming Centre Barrie, GLCT
Boardwalk Gaming Centre Barrie, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
Dunlop Street, GLCT
Dunlop Street, GLCTPanoramio photo by: Robert Maihofer, Great Lakes Casual Traveler
Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Lake Simcoe
Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Lake SimcoePanoramio photo by: tiny_beachgirl
Panoramic Photo of Barrie's Waterfront at Night
Panoramic Photo of Barrie's Waterfront at NightPanoramio photo by: Rowell Photography
Dragon Boat Racing 2005
Dragon Boat Racing 2005Panoramio photo by: thresh
Barrie Arena
Barrie ArenaPanoramio photo by: barrie1968
Canada Day Panoramic at Dusk
Canada Day Panoramic at DuskPanoramio photo by: Eye In The Sky
Barrie Lake Shore
Barrie Lake ShorePanoramio photo by: PicturePerfectVideo
BACK OF THE NEW BARRIE TRAIN STATIONPanoramio photo by: macgrel