List of Postal codes in Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Address and location information
Country: Canada
Province/State: BC (British Columbia)
City/Town/Area: Prince Rupert
Postal/Zip code list:

don't let the sun catch you crying
don't let the sun catch you cryingPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Frozen Light
Frozen LightPanoramio photo by: Itallica
morning mist
morning mistPanoramio photo by: Itallica
nothing unusual here
nothing unusual herePanoramio photo by: Itallica
PortraitPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
FabioPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
Dylan Tremblay Prince Rupert Copyright
Dylan Tremblay Prince Rupert Copyright DarrenLangley.caPanoramio photo by: Darren Langley
part of mural behind Overwaitea
part of mural behind OverwaiteaPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Broken Bridge
Broken BridgePanoramio photo by: Itallica
Prince Rupert, BC
Prince Rupert, BCPanoramio photo by: Sam Beebe/Ecotrust
Rainbow on Prince Rupert Harbour, BC
Rainbow on Prince Rupert Harbour, BCPanoramio photo by: Rambler Photography
tug boats
tug boatsPanoramio photo by: Itallica
nature's jewellery, my own private waterfall
nature's jewellery, my own private waterfallPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Frosty Feathers
Frosty FeathersPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Moon Shine
Moon ShinePanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
Odd Ball
Odd BallPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
Sunset Flight
Sunset FlightPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
Oliver Lake
Oliver LakePanoramio photo by: Itallica
April Sunset
April SunsetPanoramio photo by: Itallica
suibokugaPanoramio photo by: Itallica
An Old Friend
An Old FriendPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
your ship has come in
your ship has come inPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Misty Prince Rupert
Misty Prince RupertPanoramio photo by: jayzoe
Prince Rupert Harbour
Prince Rupert HarbourPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Harbor Prince Rupert
Harbor Prince RupertPanoramio photo by: Alfred Mueller
waterfallPanoramio photo by: Itallica
NudibranchPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
CypherPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Seal Cove Trail
Seal Cove TrailPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Tsimshian Heraldic Column
Tsimshian Heraldic ColumnPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Close up of mask
Close up of maskPanoramio photo by: Itallica
She Wolf
She WolfPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
Sunset in Prince Rupert
Sunset in Prince RupertPanoramio photo by: the_roggy
Brand New
Brand NewPanoramio photo by: EagleHunter
triyaksPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Prince Rupert
Prince RupertPanoramio photo by: R Kobza
North Pacific Seaplanes Base
North Pacific Seaplanes BasePanoramio photo by: R Kobza
downtown rainbow
downtown rainbowPanoramio photo by: Itallica
Cow beetle car
Cow beetle carPanoramio photo by: Kanukayyu
Opa Sushi in background
Opa Sushi in backgroundPanoramio photo by: Itallica